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08.01.10   The year in review...so far
Holy smokes, it's been a busy year. Two big public events planned and executed. PrideFest was bigger and better than it's ever been, with about 70,000 attendees and the glorious Kimberley Locke headlining. GreenNote moved from Myrtle Edwards to the Seattle Center then became more of a concert than a festival, but in the end we had the most beautiful night of music with Amos Lee (my new hero) to a full moon on a warm Seattle summer night. That, and we put in place some pretty good green practices that will spill over into Pride next year and beyond.

This has been the year of the flash mob! We started with our biggest effort to date, our Glee Flash Mob, and had about 1000 people dancing in the city streets. Bobby and Beth are amazing choreographers and my flash mob family just keeps growing with the events. We've done a bi-coastal product launch mob (I did the New York one), an Abba Flash Mob, A SYTYCD flash mob (just yesterday) and have a 2000-person mob coming September 12. So many opportunities, so much creativity from so many people, and a whole new world.

My biggest stress in my life, beyond work, is in the health and comfort of my 10.5 year-old lab Keo. She's definitely old and creaky, and she has a good life, but the thought of losing her breaks my heart. She is without a doubt the big light in my life.

Still single and happy. Still walk a couple of hours a night. Back to working on my novel. Life is good. It's definitely been the most stressful year of my life and I need a big adventure. Thinking about Africa for the winter. It's a big dream of mine and I want to see the snows of Kilimanjaro (and touch them) before they disappear.

01.10.10   A Big Year to Come
Okay, I'm barely overwhelmed, but overwhelmed nevertheless. 2010 is going to be a big year for me personally. PrideFest has come into its own, and now I'm taking on GreenNote, a green music festival, in July. It's a brand-new event, and there's no parade leading the people to the festival. With over 100 performers and ticketed night concerts, it's a huge undertaking, and I'm not taking it lightly. I get final approval from the city next Wednesday. Add to that a Glee Flash Mob we'll be doing in April and in June for Pride and you'll understand why this year is full of excitement, art, business, friends, new experiences, etc. Guess that's what life is all about.

The book is going well. I'm about to finish Book 7 of 20—it's taking a lot longer than I expected, but I'm still happy with the process. If I can cruise on it, I'll be done with the first draft by the end of the year, but in a busy year like this, I'm not counting on anything like a predictable schedule for my novel. (sigh). This year is going to be a wild ride! I can't hardly wait...

More info:
Glee Flash Mob

08.30.09   We Came, We Mobbed

Wow, what a fun event to put on! The best choreographers to work with, the best lead (Bobby as our MJ), and a dedicated group of 250-300 dancers. Pioneer Square, Pike Place Market, and one for fun and photo ops at Kerry Park. A very memorable day, and so much fun!

7.03.09   No longer waiting to exhale
(deep breath). Finally, some much-needed success with Pride. It was a record year in every way, with over 55,000 attendees at the Center and a nearly sold-out party at Neumo's. As soon as all payments and bills come in, I hope to be able to wipe out most of the debt I incurred a couple of years ago when I took over the festival. I already starting on a branding concept for next year that I'm very excited about. Today was a scorcher in Seattle, and I'm once again grateful for A/C. I got a new Bird of Paradise--haven't had one for a couple of years. The writing is going well and I'm going on a cruise to Alaska this month. While it's a constant refinement, life is being very good to me right now and for this first time in a long time, I get to exhale and relax for a bit. Soon, back to work. But first, a deep breath and another long night of sleep.

A little sample of Pride 2010:

5.19.09   Life is Good
The festival is almost sold-out, I'm doing the ground-work for a new green festival in Seattle for 2010, and I'm finally taking care of years of debt from the first year of the Pride Festival. My book is 25% done (first draft) and it feels good, solid.

I know with music and with a cooperative living situation, things will continue to brew and I can't wait to see what life has for me around the corner. I'm avoiding toxic or cruel people (even if they don't intend on being that) and embracing the more beautiful people on my life, with good success.

I'm starting to harvest from my garden already, Pride is just over a month away, then camping at Cannon Beach, then a summer of building up Greennote for next year. And the whole time, banging on the book. I'm stoked for this year to unfold!

2.22.09   Egan Orion, Re-Start
Welcome to my new website, which reflects a more grown-up me and the new challenges, encounters, and triumphs I enjoy. There were things that as a child served me, but as an adult, I leave those things behind. I present to you the new EganOrion.com, and the refreshed me.

1.20.09   Change Starts Now
It's Inauguration Day in America, and it's 8:10 AM here in Seattle - less than an hour before Obama takes the oath of office. We are not only on the cusp of history, we are making history, and the energy in these United States is palpable. I look forward to what a man with an 83% approval rating coming into office, faced with massive challenges, can do to transform a nation. If his steady hand and sober leadership so far is any indication, change starts now, and America is on the rise again. I can't wait to hear his speech.

I did a poster for the Baltic Room for today's ceremonies - I don't want to leave the comfort of my house and fire, but I'll leave you with this image, which is as colorful and inspiring as this day: